The Pullback We’ve All Been Waiting For

The market has been holding up very well as of late.  This has been surprising many analysts because of such a big risk the U.S. government is taking with these debt ceiling talks.  Well today is the day we finally got to see the beginning of a big pull back.  For the cautious investors I would stick with gold, and big names if you want to be in the market, such as Apple ($AAPL), Wal-Mart ($WMT), and McDonalds ($MCD).  Aside from Apple, these stocks are high dividend paying, and are sitting on a lot of excess cash, which will help if long term problems continue in this country.  I know gold had a bit of a pull back today, but I consider that to be some profit taking from investors.  Look for gold to continue to be safe haven.  For those who are more confident, I would be buying up stocks on these massive pullbacks, adding to your positions because the upside is still there.  Earnings overall were great, and I still feel there is a great deal of health in this economy.  Figure out what you are looking to do in this sort of turbulent and stick with your guns no matter what.  These times are crazy for everyone, just be cautious and be aware of the situation.  This pullback will probably not be the only one from now until August 2, unless we see a deal come out of Washington.  I hope and pray that the politicians, whose salary we all pay, allow for the United States of America to continue on with its pristine record.  Though I am a fan of major government changes, these are pressing issues that need to be changed right now.  Keep informed and stay even-keeled, we will get through this.  Stay bullish.

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