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This week is going to be filled with turmoil.  As we saw today there was a decent sell off in the market.  This will continue through the week depending on whether or not the debt talks get agreed upon.  I do not want this to frighten you out of the market though.  Overall earnings has been doing very well.  Companies have been shrugging off this “slow patch” and are still churning out impressive earnings.  With that being said I would like to take some time to touch on my feelings about Washington.  This is not going to be pro right or pro left.  This is strictly economic.  Washington has been looking like a bunch of spoiled babies.  I hate to be just a 20 year old kid harping on this but to me it is utterly disrespectful to this country.  If a company were to be run like Washington it would of gone bankrupt a long time ago.  A deal will get done, yet the long term affects we will see.  I want to see Washington come up with a solid long term deficit reducing plan.  This is what this country needs to remain as competitive as we are.  I am sure we can get this done, I just hope to stop seeing both sides vent through the media at each other and have them stand up face to face in a room and get a deal done.  God bless America, and stay bullish.  There are more good times to come, stay confident.

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