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This week was a crazy week in the market.  The S&P 500 was down about 2% on the week, along with the DOW down about 1.5% and the NASDAQ down about 2.5%.  There has been a lot of macro news out there driving down the market.  The debt ceiling woes, the EuroZone problems, and fears about once again another economic slow down.  These are all very frightening events, which explains the violent moves in the market this week.  This should not discourage investors from individual stock picks.  The market just finished its first week of earnings reports, and all in all it was a pretty good result, with JP Morgan ($JPM) and Google ($GOOG) being the standouts.  Both of the companies are very important to the overall market, especially in two of the hardest hit sectors right now tech and financials.  With that being said stay confident.  The U.S. government will get their job taken care of, and in the grand scheme the U.S. market is looking like one of the best of the worst.  Next week starts with almost half of the DOW components giving earnings.  Next week will bring some much needed stability back into the market.  Stay positive and stay bullish.

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